Where’s white-coat :(


his blog seems to no longer exist :( -prof preg.

I have it on good authority that White-Coat is still alive, but is also getting very busy with his med-school clinical duties and doesn’t have time for Tumblr right now (gasp! no time for Tumblr?! this “med school” thing must be serious!).

I’ll miss his posts and his straight-shooting no-holds-barred attitude. His was the first “big name” Tumblr blog to recommend my fledgling project, and I owe many of my longest-following readers to those recommendations. But med school is a Trial by Fire, and I’m sure his decision to set aside his Tumblr did not come easily. Hopefully we’ll hear more from him — someday. Good luck, Josh.

White Coat


I recently noticed that White Coat had stopped appearing on my dashboard. I decided to visit his blog to see if I had been missing anything. It was to much surprise that I discovered that the blog was no longer there; only a placeholder remained. Similarly, his Twitter account is no longer available. 

White Coat was one of my favourite medical blogs to read and I am saddened by this recent turn of events. He was constantly an inspiration to me. I can only imagine that he has decided to devote himself more fully to his studies, especially now in his clinical years. 

So to Josh of the White Coat, thank you for the great read over the past year. It was a pleasure. Wherever your studies may take you, I wish you all the best in your future endeavours as you continue on your journey.

Tom of the Medical State of Mind

this is not white coat i am simply saving the url for him in case he wants to remake his blog